TypeInto activity is not working native citrix?

Is there any alternative to TypeInto activity in Citrix environment for a two tier application ?

Buddy… @Ramki81
you can use Computer Vision Activities in uipath. kindly download that package from manage package, where you have the Typeinto activity to type a value to a field

Or if you dont have a higher edition to install this package its very simple, we can use send hotkeys with tab as input which can take you to the field wher you want to fill in with data, then use Type into activity… that would work

Hope this would help you


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If you have the newest 19.4 Studio version there is already native Citrix/RDP support which should normally get the proper selectors inside the remote connection so it should work almost as same as use Type Into in your native OS :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response Palaniyappan.

I’m not finding the package under managed packages by the name ‘Computer Vision’

I’m able to reach the field which i want to edit, but the Typeinto is not effective.
is there anyway to get the clipping region to set in the properties?



in that case use set clipboard activity and send hotkey together
where set clipboard activity will keep the copied value and you can copy with send hotkey activity with ctrl+c and again a send hotkey to paste the value from clipboard using ctrl+v

  1. send hotkey activity - ctrl+c
  2. set clipboard activity
    3… send hotkey activity - ctrl+v

Hope this would help you


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Thanks for the response Pablito. I’m on 19.4 Studio version, but still i’m getting the selector issue for this activity.

I’m sorry. I forgot about a huge detail. You need to have installed runtime on remote machine:
Then you need to install RDP extension from Studio:
Now you should be able to catch any selector inside RDP connection.

Thanks buddy, it works. I have many fields to change. For now I will go with these.

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was that working…for your scenario

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