Type multiple rows into word document from datatable

I have a datatable like below:
Screenshot 2021-08-24 103125
I want to type this into a word document using type into activity and get a format like below:
Screenshot 2021-08-24 103201
I am joining all the rows in the datatable using String.Join(System.Environment.NewLine,Product_table.AsEnumerable().Select(Function(a) a.Field(Of String)(“Product ID”)).ToArray())

However, I am getting an output like this:
Screenshot 2021-08-24 103227

Please, can anyone help on how I can correctly do this without having to send enter hotkey multiple times? I could have more than 20 rows in the datatable. So, it will be inefficient to send enter key 20 times.

Hey, if environment.NewLine is not working. you can use VBCRL to get the perfect text in new line.


Hi Nani,
Thanks for your response!
What I want to achieve is to concatenate all the items in each row of my datatable and separate them into newline. This works fine with environment.NewLine but the type into activity is recognising the text as a single word and thus typing into the field like a single word.
Can you explain to me how to do it with VBCRL?