Concatenate n number of columns

I am currently working with a Datatable with “n” number of columns, I would like to be able to concatenate the value found in the cells of the columns for each row to be written in new rows in a datatable. Any suggestions on how I can do these concatenations since the number of columns can vary?

A LINQ along With the itemarray from datarow could Help

CanOu Share some sample data with us?

Hi @JavXult ,

Sample Data would be most appreciated as it would put us in a better position to assist you.

If you simply wish to concatenate all the row items into a single column, then this ought to do the trick:

(From row In dt_sampleData.AsEnumerable()
Let ra  = String.Join(",",row.ItemArray)
Select dt_result.Rows.Add(new object(){ra})).CopyToDataTable()


ConcatenateColumnValues.xaml (9.1 KB)

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Ashwin A.K

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