Write tab keycode on append line


I have to write a .txt document from a datatable, the elements need to be separated by a tabulation,I tried writing the document with the Type Into, but it last one hour and I need it quicker.
I need to write it with append line due is faster but I can’t write the tab key on append line activity, how can I do it?.

Hi @anon36905250

Kindly follow the below steps that could help you resolve this issue buddy
–hope yu have a datatable ready with you say named out_dt
–use a output datatable activity to convert that datatable into a structured string format and get the output with the variable of type string named out_text
–use word application scope and mention the file path of your word file
–inside this scope use a Append text activity that would write the text or even append to the word file

Kindly try this and let know for any queries
Cheers @anon36905250

I can’t write the tab key with these activities either, I need to change the separation between the elements that made the datatable

i didn’t get this buddy

kindly come again once
Cheers @anon36905250

My robot needs to write a datatable separated by tabulations, using Type Into makes it really slow and not efficient, using Append Line activity makes it faster but I can’t write the tabulation because it gets me out of the writing box, I want to know if there’s a way to write down the tabulation keycode for the robot to write it instead of kicking me out

You can use vbTab.
“write anything”+vbTab+“write something else”+vbNewLine+“etc…”
write anything write somethong else

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