Type into with special characters

Hello, everyone, the robot reads the file names from a file folder and archives them one after the other in a system. When archiving, the file name must be entered in the system via Type Into. If the file name contains the following characters, UiPath will issue an error message: [ or ] How to solve the problem? Many thanks in advance.

Hi @Prisemuetchen

Can you please properly give what symbols you are trying to use and what error you are getting.

You can use performatted text option you see on top while typing the comments here to format some text which us enclose



As [ character is recognized as special character, can you try to escape it like [[ ?
(For example if you need to input "[abc]", try "[[abc]".

Or if you can use SimulateType mode, it works as it is (it’s unnecessary to escape).


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I have SimulateType enabled. It works. Many Thanks.

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