Issue with type into and type secure text


I am not sure if UiPath is aware of the following bug. If at all we use the type into activity with “[”, it is skipping the string after the “[”. It is only writing test.

For example:


This will write the following:


There seems to be some workarounds for type into activity.

Same issue is happening for type secure text activity. It is skipping the string after “[”. This is creating huge problem for us.
We have integrated cyberark with our workflows. So cyberark generates the passwords randomly. most of the times it is generating the password with square brace “[”. Something like this: fjj4.<13[90jkl

Now it is only writing till fjj4.<13. So the workflows are getting failed. This is affecting our ROI. Could you please help?? @badita @loginerror @Pablito

As a workaround we are using clipboard activities with Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v. But this method is not stable.


Hi @Hawkins,
I think it’s related to Escape Character. When you are using special signs in string variable type you need to use them twice to be able to push them. Otherwise it will threat this sign like a potential command. More info here:

And try to use double “[[” in string.

From the same reason if you will keep path (like C:\Users\) in string variable you will see it’s value during debugging like “C:\\Users\\”


I know these workarounds. What about the passwords which are getting generated automatically from cyberark?? We cannot definitely edit those passwords.j


But how does one edit the content of a secure string? :smiley:

I’ll report it for our team to consider :slight_smile:

Could you try the SimulateType option? It writes the correct output for me for Type Into (didn’t test Type Secure text yet)

Thanks, you got it right.

I tested the Type Secure Text and the Simulate Type option writes the full text. Is it a viable workaround for you? :slight_smile:

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Let me check, Then that should be the solution. :grinning:

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Quick update. The fix will be available in 20.4 :slight_smile: