Special characters in Type Into and how to escape them - escaping the target programs escapes

Hi all.

Job is Word document that needs lots of search and replace using wild cards.

The UIPath find and replace didn’t do the job, so I’m using type into + Word’s search and replace.

Works great until I get to Word wild card searches, some with Word escape characters.

^13(Up to ?00,000)

Strings like this cause UIPath to choke and die.
Clearly some of the characters need to be escaped in UIpath.

The question is how do I determine which/what to escape and how to escape them?

Many hours in the forums. no clear answers.

Thanks in advance for your replies and help.


The issue is that [ and ] are how you tell UiPath to send special keys, for example…

[crtl] will send the CTRL key from a Type Into. It’s the [ you need to escape, nothing else here is a special character. Escape the [ characters by typing two of them…