Type Into 'text Find': The UiElement is no longer valid

I trying to type text into Oracle text box but got error says ‘The UiElement is no longer valid’ even the selectors is actually valid in design mode.
Can anyone help to explain why did this happen and what could probably the root cause?

Thanks in advanced.

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Hello @jalipinjuanis,

Welcome to the community.

can we see the text box and selector?

Hi @Pradeep_Shiv,

Thanks for welcoming me. Here’s the text box and selectors.

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can you cross check the “%” icon, is it there all time or how is it?
If yes, improve the selector accordingly

By default, the “%” icon is there. It is default setting by Oracle.

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okay, Open UiExplorer and Indicate on the field and paste the selector

This is the UiExplorer. It shows Valid.

is it highlighting? check the selector’s properties and make it more dynamic

Yes it is highlighting. How do I make it more dynamic?

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Remove java name = ‘Organizations’ roles = ‘External Frame’ and also try using Anchor Base

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Let me give it a try. I will get back to you. Thanks.