The UiElement is no longer valid "custom" selector | UI Explorer


I get the following error: The UiElement is no longer valid.

Dependencies(updated to the latest today to see if it makes any difference without success):

It is a “custom” selector created with Ui Explorer to be able to select a table row instead of a table cell. The strange thing is the selector works after I get the error message and click OK, see the 2 images below.

Validate is green:

in the Selection Options/Configuration window I can click on show all matches button and I can see that the element is highlighted.

If I access the “old” Selector editor through the Properties pane it also works:

When I debug to test it out it works, but for some reason I can’t modify the selector in UI explorer without getting errors.

I have the same selector in a older project with the following dependencies and it works without issues: