Type into, OCR not working

I am using the community edition of the uipath. Type into activity is working only sometimes. The time it is not working not even throwing any error (haven’t clicked on continue on error).
Selector for the type into -

Same with the OCR text, working fine some times, other times i am getting error as !
“M is not a valid value for double” i have saved the OCR text in double format but M is not defined. what is M ? it is showing in the error.

it is going near the text box selecting it because i have clicked on the text above that, then after it continues the next activity.

I am working on salesforce lightening.

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Please, if you can split your topics into two posts which will make it easier to debug for both of us.

For the OCR issue, it looks like the text is being recognized as “M” and this is the reason why you can’t save it as a double.

A solution for this could be to try another OCR engine, or save the output as string and throw an exception in case the string is not a double.



Did we try with Computer Vision Activity

Have a look on this and it has multiple activities to work upon image based environment

Cheers @singireddysupriya

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