Type into activity types from the start again

I have four type into activities that would type in a full filepath for downloading several files. The texts are usually long, since it includes the file location and the file name. While typing, it would some times type from the start again, after reaching the end of the text box.

For example.
The robot is typing


There are times that when the word "Sample" reaches the end of the text box, the robot would type it like:


which messes up the saving.

I added a 500 ms delay between keys on the type intos. Though I’m not sure if it’s effective. I’m also using SendWindowsMessages, as the Simulate Type doesn’t seem to work.

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Set 20 ms instead of 500 ms. And also check ClickBeforeTyping and EmptyField options and then check once.

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Hey @Archie

Please show us the window on which you are trying to type & the activity with selector and props.


Thanks. I’ll try

Sorry for the late reply.
Here’s the selector

<wnd app='msedge.exe' cls='#32770' title='Save As' />
<wnd aaname='Explorer Pane' cls='DirectUIHWND' />
<wnd aaname='File name:' cls='ComboBox' />
<wnd ctrlid='1001' />

And Here’s the field that I want to type into,

I’m trying to Save as several PDF files.

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Here Selector looks invalid as it is showing Windows app name as msedge.exe for Windows explorer window. Can you revalidate the selector once.

It works just fine after revalidating. It’s from the pop-up page from msedge. I think I never had an issue with the selector, since it can always type in the field. It just that it sometimes types incorrectly. I’m re-running it again to see if the problem would still occur/

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Tried this and somehow, the problem doesn’t show anymore. Thanks for the help.


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