Type into Java Application do not working

I have 3 robots runiing simultanily with same process, they have same version of project, same version of Java, same version of Ui Path Assistance and all of them has instaled Java Plug-in.
If I use studio for indicate selectors, all of then are working, I tryed uninstall in one of them all aplications and re-install, including delete all forlder of Ui Path, but didn’t work.
I don’t have any idea anymore, somebody had a same problem and have any solution?

Observation: the activity click are working, but type into, shortcut, and others not.

Is there a chance that while one robot tries to type into something, the others may steal the focus? Generally, keys that are sent with Hardware Events are sent to the app / element in focus.

Can you try to type into with Simulate (if it is supported)?

Hello @vzipperer

Does that mean 3 robots are running in 3 machines or in the same machine 3 robots are executing the same process parallelly with the same application?


Hello @vlad.coteanu, I tried your suggestion, but java application not accept some commands with Simulate, for example Shortcuts.
I tryed substitute for other commands, but I dont have success.

Hello @Rahul_Unnikrishnan,
I have 3 robots in diferent machines running the same process in same application, in the past with others process I didn’t have any diference, but now in my new proccess they apresent diferent caracteristics in 2 of then

Hello @vzipperer

So your application is openkng as different instance as 3 different machines ryt?? Also are you using the same login details ?

Hello @Rahul_Unnikrishnan,

The 3 robots uses the same credentials, they are equals, but only type into do not have same action, only one of then type and the others do nothing.