Type into function after execute macro

I have an Excel macro to be run. Before it runs, a message box will show up to ask the current date (See below)

However, when I used the “Execute Macro” activity, followed by “Type Into”, the robot could not perform the typing task inside the message box, i.e. no response (See the pic below). The code for the current date is correct.

This sequence is inside “Excel Application Scope”.

Please help me out :frowning:

“Execute macro” waiting when macro will be end, and then UiPath starting “Type into” for execute.
Step by step.
Are you try write data to macro window , using “type into” , but “run macro” not finished working yet ?

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Sorry, I don’t understand what you meant… As I said, the macro involves a message box showing up to ask the current date at the beginning of the macro before it proceeds to run other tasks.

Uipath couldn’t type the current date into the message box (no response at all), that’s the problem.

Uipath WAITING when your macro will be ended. All activities executing step by step. “type into” doesn’t see the message box so far “Execute macro” wiil be ended fully.

Ok so you meant the type into function can’t be triggered because “excute macro” function is operative while the macro is running (i.e. “type into” function has to wait until the macro ends).

If that is the case, how could I solve this problem? I tried another approach - using the click function indicating the macro button to click it and then use “type into” function to input the current date. However, the click function doesn’t work (not able to click the macro button)… Anyone can help?

change your logic. if it is impossible, macros must be changed: del message box and pass value(date) as an argument to macros function.

please, share yours minimal .xaml and macros if it is impossible.

Is there no other way to make Uipath type the date in the message box? If possible, we would like to keep it because sometimes we need to backdate…

The Macro involves many other files so I deleted most codes for easier review.
Step 1.xaml (8.4 KB)
Macro.txt (3.4 KB)

Many thanks.

See my solution. You may use UIpath “Input box” for getting dates, and then use them in your macro.

Macro.txt (3.5 KB) Step 1.xaml (10.3 KB)


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@wth1993 - Use parallel activity

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