Excel Macros - Finishing the process

I’m using UiPath to execute an Excel macro and it works fine, except at the end of the macro this dialogue box appears and I can’t seem to get UiPath to click ok.

I’ve tried Click, Click Image and also tried using the Desktop recorder.

Has anyone come across this issue before?



This is my sequence

HI @Gavin_Mcmaster

Have you tried the Hot Key activity? You can use the hot key activity and use either one of these keys for the message box
Enter key
Space key
Esc key

Let know how this works for you…

Could you share your Macro code. I think you’re displaying a message box inside the macro itself.

Think you might be right. I didn’t write the macro, but I’m seeing this at the bottom.


Here remove the MsgBox line. It won’t show you any message box.

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Hi @Gavin_Mcmaster

The best way is use Parallel Activity condition set as true now can put the click activity in another sequence

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