Unable to click message box after executing macro


I am executing macro using execute macro because unable to click on buttons for that macro on excel but after executing macro there is one pop up show on macro to click.
Uipath able to execute that macro using execute macro but not able to move ahead for clecking that po up for that i am using click activity with 5 sec delay.so, i am confused why uipath is not moving ahead after execute macro.
please help me to solve this issue as early as possible
here are the reference images.
1)image 1 is of macro in which i am executing
2)image 2 is of click i have to do after macro execution
3)image 3 is my uipath script
Kindly provide me if any other way if possible.
Click excel pic


Hi @Mathkar_kunal,
you’ve already tried to do the operation with send hotkey “enter”?
Anyway, can you show the click selector?

yes tried with send hotkey not worked.
this is the selector for ok click
ok selector

Try with this selector:


yes tried but not worked .uipath is not just moving ahead dont know what uipath searching for after executing macro not even giving error and not going for next acton/activitiy

@Mathkar_kunal Could you please use attach window and capture message box window on which you need to click “OK”

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yes tried that too but not worked.uipath is just not moving ahead after executing macro

@Mathkar_kunal @Nikhilesh_Mishra may be you can edit the macro and comment or remove out the msgbox code from there.

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i can check on that but uipath have to proceed after execute macro if this is not happening then any action after execute macro will not get execute logically.
is any other way we can click on button on the excel?i tried with click and click image but not working.

@Mathkar_kunal hey hence you are using execute macro in that case UiPath provide the control to Excel for running that macro and once it complete UiPath get back the control. thats why it is not able to do anything so if you can just comment or remove that msgbox code from the macro script itself there will be no further issues.

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ok i will work on that part as you suggested and let you know.
is any other way of clicking button on excel than click,click image,execute macro?

@Mathkar_kunal you will not be able to execute anything once that macro msgbox is clicked or removed.

Logic: Code is still on that line which is responsible for that msgBox, go to your macro script do a ctrl+F search “msgbox”, remove or comment that line.


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click image worked for me and i have checked ur solution too it is also working but for some reason not able to use that because it is imp to check that completion click as per requirement.

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