Can uipath recognise Excel message box?


  1. Use “Execute Macro” to run a Excel macro
  2. After the Macro is completed, a message box will pop out, stating that “Macro completed”.
  3. Uipath will then proceed with other activities.

My problem is can Uipath recognise that the Excel macro has completed? Can Uipath recognise the Excel message box and click “OK” before it proceed with other activities?

Thank you!

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@Anonymous2 It should be recognizable.

However, I would suggest you to create a workflow as mentioned and check if you see such pop-up. I haven’t seen such pop-ups coming after the execution of macro.

In case it occurs, It should be resolved by normal click activity.

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Hi ,

Use parallel activity and use element exists for that ok popup and a click activity if exists ,this worked

Thank You