Type into date field did not work


i’m trying to write into a date filed but when i changed to another date it did not work.

check using tab key after typing in date

“30/03/2018[k(tab)]” did not work

@abdel if you type manually like that, check whether date is accepting or not.

yes it accept it

if it is accepting manually typing then increase delaybetweenkey in typeinto activity or you can share the typeinto all properties applied for date field.

Try “30/03/2018"+"[k(tab)]” in the type into activity and make sure simulate type is unchecked. Also i will request you to check with a valid date in the type into activity.In some applications the date text box are programmed to accept dates of only a specific duration(e.g. for Date of birth -future date is not allowed). Also check the selectors of this text box(remove dynamic properties like aaname, innertext and make it generic).

generate the selector of 31/03/2018 field after that pass the variable (required date i…e 28/02/2018) to the attribute of 31/03/2018 in the UI Element

if possible share properties screen for type into activity

i had used,

2 send hot key: ctl+a, clt+del, type into

Try Below:
use only one type into.
clickbeforetyping check,
empty field check
simulatetype check