Keybord - non-latin symbols when typing data


How exactly does UiPath read and enter the numbers, when the Windows language is set to a language, where the number row is used for non-latin symbols?

For example:

I have a regular Excel file set up as a config for one of the robot workflows. The workflow itself is pretty straightforward and the first step is just to open up SAP and enter a T-Code (FBL5N) that it picks up from the config, with a simple “type into” activity.
Noticed one strange behavior, where if the machines language is set to Lithuanian, instead of entering FBL5N, it will type in FBLĮN - “Į” being the symbol that is on the “5” key in the number row.

We can surely work around that, and it is not a problem in production, but I can see situations where this could potentially complicate some projects.
How exactly does this work though? Simulate type or send windows messages did not really change anything.