UiPath typing in the wrong ascii key in SAP logon window


I have a process to enter in the connection string in the filter section of the SAP logon screen.

The string is as follows i_B1. QAS [ECC Quality Assurance]

Is there any reason why the underscore after the i would be replaced by a dash (-) and get entered instead? This is happening intermittently despite the string being consistently the same.

Thanks for the help


Set DelayBetweenKeys to 50 in properties of Type Into activity and then check once.

I have tried a delay and it was more consistent but did not resolve the problem.

Why would this be happening? I am looking for a root cause rather than a workaround.

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well, i have seen this happen and it is an intermittent thing, so maybe to be safe you may want to use like copy & past for instance instead of type into…