Type Into Box, error when typing into default box. Need to use Advanced Editor

I’m going through the UI interactions with notepad example and when I use the ‘Type Into’ activity, it won’t let me type the text into the default box that shows “Type must be quoted”. When I run it, I get the error:
“Main.xaml: Value for a required activity argument ‘Text’ was not supplied.”

However, If I click to enter the text into the ‘Advanced Editor’ then the script works fine.

Just wondering if it’s just me with this issue. I’m using parallels on a mac if that makes a difference.

Hi Allen,

Add double quotes then write text inside it,


use this selector for typing inside notepad.


hope it will work

Attach workflow for typing inside notepad.

NotePad.xaml (2.0 KB)

I know to type the string into the text box, however:
This is giving the error:

But If I do it this way, there is no error:


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