Type Into Activity not working on a SAP Field if a variable name given as input

‘Type Into’ activity does not work on a specific field if the input given is a variable name. But if i hardcode the same as text value in the ‘type into’ field activity it works perfectly.

Scripting is enbled both the server and client side of the SAP. If i hardcode the variable value into it , it works. If it is passed through a variable it types into the next field in the SAP ui. Request any pointers on the same.

variable value is : 1051 /19-20


Enable EmptyField and SimluateType options also and then try once.

We got two options to do this
Either enable SIMULATE TYPE property in the property panel of type into activity
And try once

We can pass the same input string to SET TO CLIPBOARD activity and then SEND HOT KEY ACTIVITY with key as ctrl+v
That will paste that value to that field

Cheers @mailsmithash

Enabled the following options on the TypeInto activity, its working now. SimluateType options Thanks a lot.

Will try the other options as well. Thanks a lot.


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