Variable in "Type Into"


Is it possible to use variable in Type Into ?

I am using “Input Dialog” to store the user-specified Information. This variable is needed as an Input in SAP!
My idea was to put the data stored in Input Dialog in TYPE INTO but it seems it’s not working.

Thanks in advance

Yep. you can.

Whats the error?

yes you can use variable in type into
check your selector if you are facing any issue
Try parsing a hard-coded value to identify if the selector is working or Go to uipath explorer and validate your selector

If the above is working check the variable you have defined


My variables are integers and TYPE INTO is not able to recognise this variable. I guess I will convert Int32 to string.

That suppose to be compile error but according to your description “TYPE INTO but it seems it’s not working” bit misleading ." :wink:
Yep just add yourVariable.ToString in typeinto.

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Thanks for fast reply :smiley: :smile: I realised it after checking what TYPE INTO can take :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

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So if I need to insert a variable to the Type Into activity for example we have a variable named vfreak whose value changes everytime…so we need to enter>
“vfreak.ToString” .Will it take the value for vfreak. Moreover the field where I need to type the value does not accept string value. Could u suggest me the best way out