Type into activity is not working from orchestrator on vm unattended , but it works from studio and robot

Type into activity is not working from orchestrator , but it able to identify and write when running from studio and robot as attended mode. i ran the same code from robot and it able to identify and write using type into and the same code it erring out while working on type into and says it couldn’t identify element. i have kept screenshot and element exists , but when i use elements exists it returning false . Please any one can throw some light here.

Make sure that the process include the activities that will login the VM session
—once after login use MAXIMIZE WINDOW ACTIVITY so that whatever avoid executed it will work only inside the VM and also will search for elements inside that window
—so with respect to type into activity enable simulate type property and try once

Hope this would help you
Cheers @vboddu

Sure . i am maximizing the window and i have 5 forms each form has typeinto activity and write data and submit . First two forms works and then it goes to third form and do type into. what is exactly simulate type do and how it will work ?
Thanks for your help.

  • SimulateType - If selected, it simulates the type using the technology of the target application. This input method is the fastest of the three and works in the background. By default, this check box is not selected. If neither this nor the SendWindowMessages check boxes are selected, the default method performs the keystrokes using the hardware driver. The default method is the slowest, it cannot work in the background, but it is compatible with all desktop apps. If you select this property, it is recommended to check the state of the target UI element prior to execution. More details can be found on this page.

Cheers @vboddu

i have changed my orchestrator setting from settings console to false and it works fine.

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