Type into activity not working in Unattended mode from orchestrator

The Type Into activity + Special Key activity not working in Unattended mode, While in attended mode the process completes successfully.
The process runs in VM machine .
The activity is running a attach browser activity.
The Property used is Sendwindowsmessage ,since we need to use the special hotkey. Simulate click doesn’t support the function needed.

In orchestrator Login console is enabled .

Due to above activity the process is not running in unattended mode.

Can anybody suggest a solution to run the process as unattended.

  • First of all, in order to work unattended, the robot should be installed in Unattended-Mode (Service-Mode).
  • Make sure that the Studio process is not set in project settings to run only in Attended or only in Background.
  • As you need the Hotkey support in a Background execution for the Type Into activity, only SendWindowMessages ( Classic/Modern) and ChromiumAPI (only Modern) are supported.

Reference: Input Methods

Let us know if this helped.

Hi Marian,

Thank you for the input provided.

The above mentioned points are already implemented, still the is is prevailed.

I found the reason for the issue, The orchestrator function Login into console was activated as yes, which I changed it to No. this helped me resolve and run the process in unattended mode.

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