Type Into a Google Search in Chrome Issues


I’m just starting out and trying to finish the currency converter project, I’ve had a bunch of issues with Chrome throughout and I’m very confused what’s going on. The Extension is installed. It’s been reinstalled. The browser has been restarted multiple times as has StudioX.

Every time I add Type Into and indicate the target, the Google search bar from a search page, it says No Anchor Automatically Found. I literally cannot select the INPUT field as done in the tutorial. I’ve clicked all over the search bar, it will not show Type Into INPUT. Instead I get Type Into “currency to usd” and the program doesn’t work because “Cannot type special keys using simulate input mode”

Literally about to throw in the towel, any help would be much appreciated

Are you trying to type into the search bar on the url:

I had no problem indicating the selector. Make sure you are using chrome browser with your open browser activity.

I’m trying to use the search bar, I got it working but only from a new tab and i have to hit f4 once. Can’t seem to select the search bar from a results page, just the homepage/new tab page. Rather than say type into INPUT it’ll say type into Google Search and it works.