Two VM's and only 1 robot (But working on both VM as defining 2 different keys)

How should I setup separate robot for separate vm ? I have same windows login for both VM. Is that a issue ? I did not worked deeply in Orchestrator.

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Hope both the machines have different machine names.
Are you going to run Bot on both machines at same time or different time ?

Different time for both VM. Both VM has different name.

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Hey @pari_patel

It is possible to run with this configuration which you mentioned.

You will be having one user and two machines from which two jobs can be triggered.



You can create two Bots for each machine and provide the same user login details.

Can you explain me how should I create two bots with same username?

Hi @pari_patel,

To configure a bot, log onto your Orchestrator, navigate to “Tenant” > “Machines” and add a machine. Next head over to the folder in which you would like the bot to live and navigate to “Robots”. Then click the blue plus button and choose “Standard Robot” or “Floating Robot”. If you have any error messages, please post screen captures of them so we can help you.

Hi @pari_patel ,

you can create 2 standard unattended robots using same username and password but differentiating them with the display name and assign to the predefined VM’s correspondingly while creating unattended robots. So that 2 robots are ready to schedule.