CSV based Ecommerce data extraction (product description, product picture scraping)

Hi folks,
I am completely new to UiPath and want you guys to ask something. I have an Excel file with Article Numbers, EAN Codes, Title, TAX, Prices. We’ve got this file from our wholesaler but there is no description and no link to the pictures within this file, I have the login details and also the commitment to copy and paste the description and the pictures or I can set the link direct to the pictures but I have no clue how to. I testet the whole day the data scraping function but I can’t find a solution for my problem. On the website there are all articles to find with the EAN codes, so my question is it possible to load the csv file in UiPath and let it search with EAN codes on the specific side to find the missing data, or is there maybe another idea or solution? I have only skills in Java Script my background is from another side, Vmware, Firewalls, Veam so I have no idea from coding :).
Thanks for your help and maybe ideas.

PS: Happy easter