Twitter Automation-Copying the Tweet URL

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i want my bot to perform certain action. bot need to click on the share option(Which available below the tweet) and then need to click on the Copy link to tweet this will copy the tweet url to the clipboard and then that copied link need to dump in to an excel.

before that i have an workflow which my bot will scrape the data from tweets like: Name,TwitterUserName, TweetInfo, and Time so on…(i have designed a workflow for this. which is working absolutly fine.)

but i want my bot to copy the tweet URL.

i tried with normal click and get from clipboard(it is working only for 1 time and this should be work for 20 iterations which is inside the While Loop)

please find the below image!

once the bot clicked on that the next dailogue box is

Second click

Now the url has copied to the clipboard and i will use copy from clipboard activity to get the text.

but this should need click for 20 iterations and i need all the data.


I believe the Copy to Clipboard only keeps the latest copied text. I would use a String Array or List of Strings to copy the url to, and then loop through that list or array.

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Thanks for your fast reply!

is there any other way to get the data?


You could iterate through the tweets and open a new browser after each copy, that would remove the need for the array or list.


You can run a loop where you click and copy to a datatable

Once it completed you can write back to Excel by datatable which you stored

Hope this may help you


Hi! Please can you tell me more specific? how to click on that and how to get the data?


Can you inspect the element and check the difference between the two tweets selectors?


Hi! Yes, i have checked. but the validation is invalid. and i tried to change the selectors too. when i was highliting. it is indicating somewhere. and this need to be done in a loop.

still lookig for the solution.

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