Web page Extract data 1

How can extract the data from website in this manner and paste in xml,Please help me.Capture

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Hi @himanshur

Use send hot key activity as Ctrl+C and Ctrl v and use get from clipboard activity and use write text file and give the path stored in xml

Ashwin S

were we able to click on this element and copy the whole text
if so
then we can use CLICK activity and double click on the text by choosing DOUBLE in click type
then use SEND HOT KEY activity and key as ctrl+c

this will be now set to clipboard

now use a GET FROM CLIPBOARD activity and store them as a string variable named strinput

Cheers @himanshur

This is my pattern but after that some id paste one by one in xml codeFurther.txt (261 Bytes) Please help me.

Please help me in single one code…