Tutorial: How to Design a Workflow which is Independent from SAP Theming with SAPGUIInfo

SAP offers with the SAP GUI for Windows, the primarily UI of SAP in business, for each user the possibility to decide which theming they use. With the current SAP GUI for Windows 7.60 you can decide between Belize, Blue Crystal, Cobu, Signature and Classic. You can find more information about the theming in the post new features and lifecycle management of the SAP GUI for Windows 7.60.

Let us look at a little comparison between the Belize and the Corbu Theme.



If we want to use an attended bot in this environment, it is necessary for the bot to know which theming is being used. Otherwise, if we use e.g. Image > Mouse > Click in the recording, the bot could not find the image anymore. To get this information we can use SAPGUIInfo Custom Activity. The activities from SAPGUIInfo delivers information about SAP GUI for Windows customizing and installation. Because it is very important to know the details about the execution environment, e.g. for attended bots.

After the package installation you can find a few SAP GUI Info actvities. Also special information about the using theme of the SAP GUI for Windows.


Drag and drop the activity SAP GUI Theming Info to your workflow and it detects the selected theme name of the SAP GUI for Windows. It detects the number and the name.

Now we can use the e.g. the click image activity with the switch activity in the context of an ALV Grid.

On this way it is easy possible to create UiPath workflows, e.g. for attended bots, which works with any SAP GUI for Windows customizing. Even more delivers SAPGUIInfo custom activities information about SAP GUI for Windows installation, SAP GUI Scripting and visualization. All this information can be very important. E.g. about the SAP GUI Scripting, if it is disabled the bot can not do its job. It is with this custom activity easy possible to check this first.


A few days ago I published a new release of SAPGUIInfo on the UiPath Go! app store. You can find it very easily, choose Explore > Components, Content Type Custom Activity and type in the search field SAP. Or here the direct link to SAPGUIInfo Custom Activity.