Sensing the SAP Logon Theme using UiPath Studio

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I am building a UiPath Studio workflow that ensures the same SAP settings are running on all bots. Part of the workflow involves changing the SAP Logon Theme to be the SAP Signature Theme. Is there a way to have the workflow skip to the next steps if the Theme is already set to the SAP Signature Theme? Any and all insights on this are deeply appreciated.

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Before executing the step check whether the to theme is signature theme by using checkapp state activity

Thanks for the response! I can’t seem to find that activity when I look into the packages. Any guidance on what to look for? I’ll continue to look into this.

Hi @CJ_All1

Go to project settings and enable modern design experience and then search check app state activity in activities panel

hi @CJ_All1

Read this thread Tutorial: Which Theme uses SAP GUI for Windows from @StefanSchnell

you can use the GUI Info for SAP Activity from the UiPath Marketplace to get the information about Theme very simple in your workflow and then have a condition “If not Signature, than do something”

Question of interest: I am super curious to understand, why in 2023 you want/have to use “Signature Theme” which was introduced in 2008. It is really, like 15 years old UI. What is the reason?

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Thank you very much for the insights. I will check this out and continue to better myself within my UiPath Development skills.

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Thank you for referring me to both documentation links. I will look into both of them and continue to learn more about SAP Automation in UiPath Studio. As for the Signature theme, I’m working and experimenting with each one. Hopefully this helps.