SAP GUI for Windows 7.70 New Features - A Detailed Look

Since the 29th of January offers SAP the new SAP GUI for Windows 7.70. Frank Krause, from the SAP company, reported about the new features of the SAP GUI for Windows 7.70 in the SAP Community on the 27th of January. @LevKushnir reported on the 3rd of February about the UiPath support of the SAP GUI for Windows 7.70.

It is very interesting to have a detailed look at the new SAP GUI Administration Guide to find opportunities and changes.

Data Migration for End Users
This is a very interesting feature, which is available since version 7.60 PL 3. This feature can be used in the context of attended bots to ensure that the bot always has the correct initial requirements. On this way it is very easy to export the local customizing, import the standard customizing, execute the bot and import the local customizing.

Show Toolbar Buttons with Text
If this feature is activated you can increase the stability of your automation processes when working with Computer Vision, e.g. in VMware. On this way you have an icon and a text to identify your UI element.
Here a very interesting addendum about the FioriToolbarButtonsWithIcons entry in the registry.

Move Main Menu to More Button
If this function is activated, when automating with Computer Vision, explicit attention must be paid whether the menu is available via the More button or not. In standard it is disabled. In SAP GUI 7.60 the menu is only available via the More button.

Monospaced Font Setting
Here the registry names have changed from Belize.Font* to Fiori3.Font*.

Color Settings for Quartz and Color Settings for Quartz Dark
Both themes are new, so all registry entries also.

Show Placeholder Characters
Password field is not completely filled with placeholder characters.

Browser Control
0 = Internet Explorer or 1 = Edge (based on Chromium)