Turn off email alerts for orchestrator

My team and I have all started receiving orchestrator alerts every morning about our robots even though we don’t have any running. I was wondering how i can manage who is alerted or how i can turn off email alerts altogether? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

@UiUser, Go to Orchestrator => Settings => Mail tab and uncheck enable alerts mail.

Hope this helps.

Thanks I did this, but I was wondering if there was a way to check who else is on the mailing list because a few other people reached out to me about receiving mail alerts and I wanted to see the full list

Following items are the controls for email alerts:

  • the Enable Alerts Email check box from the Settings page is selected.
  • the email settings are properly set up in the Settings page. For more information, see Setting Up Email Alerts page.
  • users have a valid address specified in the Users page.
  • View permissions for the Alerts page.

For any uncontrolled sent emails do folloing settings check

  • check the different levels like Host, Default, Tenant
  • Check the “default” setting in ORC Database
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