Disable Orchestrator Dashboard mails

Hello Community,

Is there an option in Orchestrator user preferences to disable Dashboard emails for specified users? The users that do not wish to receive mails from Orchestrator had unsubscribed from email Notification/Alerts (from My Profile settings page) but they are still receiving Orchestrator dashboard mails.

Hi @Sparrow,
I’m not sure what exactly you have disabled already so let me show two places where it can be disabled:


Thanks for the info. I switched off all the alerts in My Profile page, but I keep receiving standard Orchestartor Dashboard at 7.00 AM.

Disabling “Enable alerts mail” in Settings->Mail tab (2) seems to shut down mail communication to all users regardless their preferences.

Hallo everyone,

I have the same Problem. We cannot switch off the Orchestrator Dashboard Mails for specific users.

Is there any solution to this yet?
Maybe a change within the config file?

Sorry for Threadnecromancy.


Hi Johann,

Yes, there is a way to configure alert notifications for specific users.

  1. Go to users under management
  2. Find the user for which you want to disable alerts
  3. Remove their email ID ( Edit → clear the email ID )
  4. Click on update

Now if email ID for that user is not present, mails will not be triggered for that user.
Problem Solved!

This is an issue for many; removing email from user profile makes things easier but this will affect those who wish to receive at least job fault notifications.
I found DailyAlertMailJobCron in webconfig. Try adding a cron expression for once a year or based on your requirements.

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