Email Alerts Dashboard in Cloud Platform


I’m receiving two email alerts dashboard in my email. I only have one (1) disabled service/tenant at the moment in How can i see other tenants binded in my email account? Seems this was caused by the account migration before?

UPDATE: I receive two email alerts again even with empty service/tenant in my platform account.

I also get 02 mail 03/04/2020 & 04/04/2020 date. Alerts Dashboard for tenant but check not running any tenant. So how to disable it. Please anyone suggest…


I also started receiving these email last week, daily, despite having stopped using those accounts years ago. Any solutions?

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I also started receiving these emails, they dont have any URL or link where to change settings, this is annoying! Please let us know where we can disable these

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Count me in on this one. I also started receiving these e-mails on old tenants. Please stop them, or give us at least the possibility to opt out. Thanks.

Yep, me too. No obvious way to stop them and I don’t think I’ve ever used the Online Orchestrator for anything.

I’ve received same mail to another two mail address.
It’s very busy.
Please tell me how to stop this mail.

—In Japanese(↑ same content)

I also keep receiving emails and I don’t find the settings tab in to disable the email alerts.

Please I would very much appreciate your help on this

Thank you in advance

Go to Tenant and click Settings in the upper right.

Uncheck enable alerts email on the Mail tab.


Hi @dajeong,

I have seen this option but I don’t have any service/tenants available already in my platform account :cry:

Same here. I receve mail from two old tenants, that I created while studying. Now I have no any orchestrator services on my account and cannot change their settings.

Thanks! but,I’ve already off the checkbox.


Check all Status on the list to see if there is service.

If you still don’t see Tenant, try deleting it with the API below.
URL :[Site URL]/[Tenant Name]/swagger/

I got an e-mail from Tenant, which I made for study, but it’s not coming in today.
I’m not sure if it’s because of the above method