Trying to work with Google Sheets

Hello community
Have someone work with Google sheets activities in UiPath Studio. I’ve been working on a few solutions but I ussually found myself struggling with the connections. I try just extracting data from 5-7 sheets just to get the datatable output and then manipulate the data. But it ussually throws error because it takes too long to read the data.

What I’ve found is that the activities are not really consistent, they can be working fine at some point of the day, and in another point they can be really inconsistent, throwing errors and stuff.

Have someone work with sheets, do you use modern or classic activities? do you find trouble working with them? Any advice?

Thank you.

Started enabling the “Use Integration Service” property, and it works much better.


The error message you provided indicates that the Google Sheets API quota has been exceeded. This means your project has made too many requests to the Google Sheets API in a short period. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and fix the issue:

  • Reduce API Calls:

  • Check your code to see how many calls it makes per minute.

  • Reduce calls by combining them or using batch operations.

  • Implement Exponential Backoff:

  • Retry failed requests with an increasing wait time to avoid overwhelming quota limits.

  • Monitor Usage:

  • Track your API usage to avoid exceeding quotas in the future.

  • Google Sheets API Limits: محدودیت های استفاده  |  Google Sheets  |  Google for Developers

  • This page explains the different types of quotas associated with the Google Sheets API, including read requests, write requests, and per-minute limits.

  • It also provides details on how quotas are applied and how to avoid exceeding them.

  • Troubleshoot API errors: python - Google Sheets API: Exception vs. Json in response body - Stack Overflow

  • This page offers general guidance on troubleshooting errors encountered when using the Google Sheets API.

  • It includes a section on handling quota errors, explaining the common error codes associated with exceeding quota limits.

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