Gsuite activities versus google APIs

Hi All,

I am trying to update google sheets (with lots of sheets, links, formulae) so far understood there are 2 methods

  1. GSuite Activities ā†’ GoogleApplicationScope
  2. Post with Goggle APIs
    I would like to go with option 2 since it reduces coding (correct me if wrong)
    Appreciate docs or pointers on how to push data to google sheets via API


Follow these instructions to setup an API key w/ UiPath and test out using both the UiPath activities and calling the API yourself, and see which one works better. I suggest just using UiPath activities. Iā€™m guessing the activity itself will throw an exception in these cases, whereas if you use the API you will have to handle response codes yourself.

Either way, try it yourself and see.

About the Google Workspace Activities Package (

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