Trying to upload pdf to websites database, please help!


I’ve recently started experimenting with UIPath StudioX. I’m trying to figure out how to upload specific files from a folder to a webbrowser database.

I have management to automate the webbrowser to go to the right upload page. However I still need to select specific files. I’ve made a excel sheet with a list of the file names that I need to upload. What should be the next step for me to take?

Looking forward to any input :slight_smile:

You could Navigate to the folder using Directory.GetFiles(""<<Folder_Path>>") and you can check if the file name matches with the one which you have in excel. If it matches upload it to web browser.

Uthraa S

Hi Uthraa,

is Directory.getfiles an activity? I can’t find this activity in the search bar. only “Get File Info”.

Hi @jeting Directory.getfiles is a method which u need to use in assign activity.It returns list of full path of files.

“for each file in folder activity” helps you? and inside the for each you can place the clicks to navigate/upload the files in the website