How to Open Specific folder from list of folder and get PDF file from that folder?

Hello all,
I’m stuck with my project.
I want to open specific folder from list of folder and get PDF file to upload on website from that folder.
My folder structure is like,

  • etc.

now, website has dropdown menu of same folder code names.

  • CODE-123
  • CODE-990
    now website feature is like, what ever specific option we select from dropdown it’ll ask to upload file and store it to specific database table of same name of options code.
    example, if select CODE-123 and upload file then that file store in database table called CODE-123.

now based on what I select on website dropdown list, the PDF file should be open from that matching CODE FOLDER and upload it on website.
example, if select CODE-123 then folder " FOLDER-CODE-123 " should be open and PDF files from that folder should upload. (21.3 KB)
Please check the attached workflow file which can help to your issue.
I tried with .txt file instead of pdf files. You can place your pdf files in the folders and change the extension from “.txt” to “.pdf” in the if condition