Click Print in Chrome preview of print

Hello friends,
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how to click on “Stampa” button in CHrome?

CAnnot manage to do that.
Can you help me?
It’s very urgent

I do not use chrome for any of our workflows - however, if click activity is not working, have you tried using click image? Otherwise hotkeys should work (just click enter)

Can you please provide me screenshot of hotkey ctrl+shift+p in the preview?


  1. First use send hot key activity and send key like Ctrl + p

  2. Then use Element Exists activity and indicate that page and it will give boolean value as output.

  3. If it is true then use Click activity to click that button and if it is not identified then use Click Image activity.

Note: Install Chrome extension from Uipath and then only Uipath can identify elements on chrome page.

ALready tried this solution but not works @lakshman
The send otkey on the preview page doesn’t work.
Can you please share the screenshots?

@CamiCat what was the final solution…??