Trying to enter the data from Excel to AS400 facing issue




Can anybody explain how to enter the data from an excel to AS400 .
I am able to enter the data but the activity after entering the data is Transmit(enter click) which is not working.
Suppose i want to enter the Id as 12321 and I have to click “Enter”(Transmit in AS400 uipath) after this. Data is being entered but click is not happening.

Please help!!

Thanks & Regards,
Shilpa Rachgond


can you share workflow snapshot


Not sure this support or not but did you try with send hotkey activity (enter)?


Solved internally with the help of @aksh1yadav . Thank you so much!!.. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the suggestion… :slight_smile:


For terminal their is “Send Control Key” activity with option “Transmit” for enter purpose.


Hi Shilpa,

Could you please help me on how you are able to enter data from Excel to AS400? i am trying to enter data into IBM Personal Communications using “Send Keys” activity… but the data is not entering into the specific fields… I have tried with “Set Field at position” activity too… But no luck…