Trying to enter the data from Excel to AS400 facing issue


Can anybody explain how to enter the data from an excel to AS400 .
I am able to enter the data but the activity after entering the data is Transmit(enter click) which is not working.
Suppose i want to enter the Id as 12321 and I have to click “Enter”(Transmit in AS400 uipath) after this. Data is being entered but click is not happening.

Please help!!

Thanks & Regards,
Shilpa Rachgond

can you share workflow snapshot

Not sure this support or not but did you try with send hotkey activity (enter)?

Solved internally with the help of @aksh1yadav . Thank you so much!!.. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the suggestion… :slight_smile:

For terminal their is “Send Control Key” activity with option “Transmit” for enter purpose.

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Hi Shilpa,

Could you please help me on how you are able to enter data from Excel to AS400? i am trying to enter data into IBM Personal Communications using “Send Keys” activity… but the data is not entering into the specific fields… I have tried with “Set Field at position” activity too… But no luck…