Trying to download PDF using HTTP request - status code 0 - works good in postman

Hello ppl,

I have a web portal, where I am required to login and navigate through “n” number of hyperlinks and download a specific PDF file. For this, I am trying to download using http - GET method. In Postman, I have tried to download the PDF file by providing URL as an endpoint and with request header “Cookie” from an existing session, this works perfectly with a response as PDF file. When I try out the same in UiPath, I am seeing status code as “0” and in the resource path I could see a zero byte pdf file generated. I am using 1.7.0 WebAPI activities package. (When I tried to use the latest version of WebAPI package, I faced “http request value cannot be null. parameter name byte”). Please shed some light on this issue.

@Palaniyappan @nisargkadam23 @mukeshkala @AndersJensen Please suggest some ideas


Check below thread for your reference

Hope this may help you