Trying to click on matching id

HI All,

I have Variable value i.e 2477033 and this is ID number. I am searching the same id in given data of web page.
If i found the match value i have to click on the same. I am adding screen shot. Please help me on this:


Hi Naim,

did you examine the selector of these Inv#-links? There’s a good chance you can target it with a dynamic selector.

Questions regarding dynamic selectors are quite frequent and have been answered many times in this forum.

Check out these threads:

Good luck!

Thanks for the reply, but not able to resolve the issue.

Please share your workflow or provide info what you tried to do to click on the matched value. After examining the selector of this element, we can try to find a solution :wink:

Thanks for reply,

If you will check my first message i have mention all requirement.

Now I am telling you from the first-
I have an Variable (name=Invoice_ID) and variable value i.e 2477033. I am searching the Invoice_Id available on web page with help of find box.
Some time the value can be found on page no 1 or some time 2 or 3 page no.

If i found the match value, then i have to click on the same invoice no.

For reference you can see screen shot on my first message,

Please let me know if any information is required.

Hey Naim,

if you will check my first message, I asked you if you examined the selector.
After examining the selector we can try to find a solution.

If you don’t know what a selector is yet, I recommend you to do the Developer foundation training in the UiAcademy.

Cheers, Lukas

i have followed your first instruction issue has been resolved

Happy to hear that :wink:

Good job

thanks for you help. :slight_smile: