How to deal with dynamic selector

I am trying to retrieve a report where we have different selector on daliy basis e.g idx number and parent I’d changed regularly

You may try

  • find a reliable selector
  • anchor
  • relative selector/element

Try to solve these first

I have tried but because of frequently changing the table row and idx number in report I didn’t able to run the uipath code

you will need to edit the selector so that it is dynamic to the situation. this can be achieved by either replacing parts of the selector with wild cards (* or ?) or by replacing parts of the selector with variables which you can change, like the table row.

@Rrupam13 Can you share three instances of the selector of the element which is dynamic.

Please watch this

We can use 2 methods to make selectors dynamic:

  1. Adding wildcards characters in selectors
    Asterisk (*) – replaces one or more characters
    Question mark (?) – replaces a single character

for more info can use this link : Selectors with Wildcards

2.Adding variables in selectors : we can keep the dynamic part of the selector as variable.