How click on a URL in a webpage?URL value is integer which will be changing dynamically on daily basis

i am creating a flow that will extract the details for a webpage. there is a field where i need to click to get the daily status. this value is dynamic(the place where i wanted to click - changes every day).

tried with click value - it is scrapping the text and searching for the text.

Dynamic Webpage Link.xaml (11.4 KB)
Refer the above Xaml file,It will display the Dynamic Webpage Link…
By using this, You can use Click Activity to click the dynamic webpage link…

Hi @Madhu_Midha,

Have you tried to build the selector by excluding the dynamic value(the integer part) and making the selector more reliable and robust using wildcards?

Or you could also try using AnchorBase activities -

You could also check similar posts on the forum if they help you -

If you still have issues, you could post your workflow here and I will take a look



It is really worked for me thanks a lot