Trying to call HTTP Request REST API POST

I’m trying to call an Oracle Enterprise Data Management REST API.

Header =

“authorization”: “Basic hXV0b21hdGVfc2VydmljZV9hZG1pbjpTTTF5a29qaDY=”


HTTP Method = “POST”
ContentType = “application/json”


“applications”: [
“fileName”: “FULL_TEMPLATE_DEV.json”

I’m not sure how to pass the Body to REST API

If I try to preview the REST API I get…

“statusCode”: 415,
“status”: “Unsupported Media Type”,
“message”: “HTTP 415 Unsupported Media Type”,
“errorCode”: -1,
“operation”: “”

Please show me pass the body to REST API.

I’ve managed to add the Body…

In the circle there is a red mark. If you roll the mouse pointer over it show the message “End of statement expected”

“{”“applications””:“” [““cAWS”“,”“cFCCS"”,““cFDS””,““cFGL””,““cMaster””,““cTRCS””,““pDRM””,”“pSDM”“],”“fileName”“: ““FULL_TEMPLATE_DEV.json””}”

I’ve cleaned up the HTTP Request activity, but now the REST API call returns…

Message Box

{“statusCode”:400,“status”:“Bad Request”,“message”:“An invalid payload was received.”,“errorCode”:-1,“operation”:“Error in request body.”}


What is strange, because the PowerShell script version works fine.


I also executes as expected Postman see response below…

ensure that all inverted doublequotes are replaced / manually corrected to doublequotes of the type: "

Thank you for your response

The body now looks good with no errors, but unfortunately it’s still failing with the error below…

{“statusCode”:400,“status”:“Bad Request”,“message”:“An invalid payload was received.”,“errorCode”:-1,“operation”:“Error in request body.”}

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong and as mentioned previously same REST API works fine from PostMan and a PowerShell script.

If you can suggest anything else to check it will be much apricated.

just compare the request body from working Postman with used request body from HTTP Request acitvity

Below is a snippet from PostMan (working)…

Below is the failing snippet from UiPath Studio…

Below is a link Oracle EDM REST API doc.
REST API for Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud Service - Export a template file

please check and correct

Excellent, thank you for your help. It’s now working as expected…

Message Box



Your a diamond, again thank you.

perfect, so we can close the topic

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