Consume Rest API using HTTPRequest activity

I’m trying to call a RESET API which pass Header, body and Parameters from UIPath and unable to get it working. Can anyone provide some guidance or an example of how to call a REST API from UIPath (HTTPRequest activity) that includes a HEADER and BODY in the POST method call?

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I want to pass oAuthToken in Header of POST method in REST API. Please refer attached screen snap of POSTMan Post Call to RESET API


So my Question is How to pass oAuthToken (refer attached snap ) in headers of POST method in UIPath (HTTPRequest activity) .


Hello I would like to know how can I trigger my local robot by using the Postman tool?


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Below tutorial about rest api

@Ranjan Did you got your issue resolved? Where did you passed Token in HTTP request?

Hi @Ranjan,
Were you able to figure out how to send data in ‘Body’ part of the request?
I get the error that “Request is not valid JSON” (Error code: 400)
Any insights on this is highly appreciated.

How to give x-www-form-urlencoded key and values in http request