Try to click every item in a drop-down menu

Hi guys, I have a windows application, and I need to click a drop-down menu, and then click every single item in this drop-down menu. Since the number of the items are dynamic, my thoughts is:

  1. click the drop-down menu
  2. get the number of sub-menu items.
  3. click each sub-menu item by using ??

I am a rookie, Thanks in advance.

Hi @icespace,

Please use Get Attribute activity to get all the items from the drop-down.

Thanks & Regards,

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Find children will get all listtitems

Hello @ppr,

In that case, add all the item to a collection.
Then you can click on all the “element” of your collection inside a for each activity, you will get all the click even if they are dynamicaly changing.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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@VDEBAC kindly Note @icespace has raised the question.