Select all value in dropdown


If there is two item in dropdown,

How to select each of the item using Select Item activities?



At time you want to select all items in the drop down or you want to select one by one item for each iteration ?

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Hi,I want to select item one by one in the dropdown. Thanks


Take two click activities one for clicking drop-down field and another one is for selecting item in the list.

For second click, we have to make selector dynamic by passing variable into selector.
To make dynamic follow these steps.

1)First make one string array with all the items in the drop-down list.
2) select 2 items one after other using click activity and compare selector for both and identify under which attribute item name is coming. I guess it should be aaname.
3)Then use For Each loop activity to itreate that string array and inside this loop place those two click activities.

Foreach item in strArray

  • first click
  • second click
    If item name is coming in aaname attribute then make selector like this.
    aaname = ’ “+item.ToString+” ’

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