Exception Handling Issue with latest community version

Hi Developers,

There is this unusual issue I am facing. I installed the latest version released by UiPath 19.10. I am using try catch and when the flow is falling into catch due to exception it is doing the required inside but it is stopping the flow there only. Instead of handling and moving on for next case, the flow is halt there only every time and not moving for next case. Ideally it should move on for next case. Please help me I am urgently in need to get out of this.


In Catch block, what exception did you mentioned ?

System exception and logging the same in the log file. How will the flow move on for the next item in queue?


Is it going to Catch block or not ?

Put one message box or Write Line activity and check it whether it’s going inside or not. And also run the process in Debug mode then you can find exact error where it’s getting failed.

It is going to catch to catch block, working also what it is supposed to do with that exception but it gets stuck there instead of going for the next case.

Hi @S_Srobot

Can you explain what you mean by get stuck there without going to the next case? Does the program terminate at this point? or does it freeze running at that point?

it terminates.

Can you show a screenshot of your workflow?

Have we included any activity apart from log message activity inside the catch block
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sorry but I can’t brother.

just invoked the logging workflow there.

Then it would obviously execute that log message alone and terminates
Unless we add activitUse to be followed inside the catch as a remedy if any exception occurs, it won’t get executed buddy
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sorry I did not understand clearly. My apologies can you please explain it more.

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Catch block in try catch activity will catch the exception
But that doesn’t mean that it will redo what has been missed in try block and if want that sequence which got errors to get re-executed we need to include that workflow or sequence of activities in Catch block also
As we have only the log message activity or it’s workflow in catch block it’s getting terminated
And if we want the exception occurred sequnce to get re executed we need to add that sequnce here in catch block also

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oh okay, if we add the seq which we want to get retried in the catch block then it will retry, understood. But I want to go for next case not the same one. Will it go for the next case?

hi @S_Srobot

unless you loop it will move into next case


Yes of course
Keep the next sequence with set of activities inside the CATCH block
But the sequence inside the Catch be like this

Inside Catch
—a assign activity like this
bool_error = TRUE
—then use INVOKE WORKFLOW FILE ACTIVITY with next set of sequnce

Then reason to add Boolean is next to this TRY CATCH block if we are calling the same next set of sequence then we to neglect that occurrence with a IF condition as we have already executed that in the CATCH block
So use a IF activity next to this TRY CATCH block and mention the condition. Like this
NOT bool_error = True
If this condition gets satisfied it will go to THEN block where keep the same set of sequence so that it will get executed if the CATCH Block is not executed

Where bool_error is a variable of type Boolean with default value as False defined in the variable panel

Cheers @S_Srobot

hope it should work the only thing i am not getting now is how will it know to execute next case from queue normally. I am using RE FW

i have to loop it inside catch only right?